Arch Capital Group

Arch Capital Group

Arch Capital Group Ltd. (Arch Capital or ACGL), a Bermuda public limited liability company, writes insurance, reinsurance and mortgage insurance on a worldwide basis through operations in Bermuda, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and South Africa, with a focus on specialty lines. Our businesses are divided into three platforms: Insurance, Reinsurance and Mortgage.


As evidenced by our strong ratings and a high-quality balance sheet, we are committed to being a leading player in the specialty insurance and reinsurance marketplace, for the benefit of our clients, our employees and our shareholders.


Going back to our inception, Arch has been committed to being a world-class provider of specialty insurance coverages. Our platform is far-reaching and is founded on our key strategic principles of specialized underwriting expertise, flexibility to respond to client needs and balance sheet strength.


Our reach in the reinsurance market extends beyond the ordinary. With a global presence, meaningful capacity and a team of the best professionals in the business on call, Arch Re stands ready to craft risk solutions for our clients.


MI represents the latest addition to our group. Through a significant commitment of both financial and human resources, Arch MI is fast developing into a market-leading player in this space, with a team of dedicated experts in the field, responding to the needs of the participants in this sector.


Arch Investment Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd and Akathiotis Developers Partnership

People and relationships are at the heart of our core business. We work with Akathiotis on property development projects in a spirit of openness, exchange and partnership to achieve the best result for the end property buyer. By combining the 20 years plus experience and expertise of Akathiotis in the property development alongside with the financial security from Arch we manage to exceed customers’ expectations and give them the comfort and security they seek in their property investment.